Our Concept - Business Diplomacy

Highly effective and tested in practice approach to company's international development

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Company Analysis

Studying the product & services, analyzing its quality and demand. Creating an insight on the value of a company for perspective international markets.

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Target Market Analysis

Who? - Potential customer analysis.
Where? - Economic & political environment, competitive landscape.
Why? - buying patterns & cultural features.

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Strategy formulation & Positioning plan

Brand Positioning Strategy.
Product Positioning Strategy.
Competitive Pricing Strategy.
Competitive Positioning Strategy.

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Marketing strategy for a new market

Selecting the Optimum Marketing Mix. Defining the marketing channels and tactics for successful positioning.

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Product & Service "packaging"

Creation of attractive package for potential clients & partners. What combination of your products & services have to be delivered to satisfy the needs of the target market.

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Support in networking and company presentation

Assistance in establishing of new contacts. What capabilities have to be presented to justify the expectations of contracting parties.

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Support in negotiation process and deal making

Establishing trustful relationships between the parties taking into account all intercultural differences and achieving maximum communication effectiveness.

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Coaching Sessions

We coach you and your team in Negotiation Techniques, International Marketing and Brand Management, Innovation Management and Time Management

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Marketing tracking

We will review your progress, identify how you can make the most of the market position you've established and decide where to take your business next.

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