VebCom Business Diplomats provide first-class business coaching services and training resource for entrepreneurs, management executives and all other business development professionals

Our exclusive courses in International Marketing & Brand Management, Intercultural Communication and Social Media Marketing specially prepared for certain needs of our clients to help them figure out how to successfully bring new business on an international level, minimize the risks related to a different cultural and business environment and find new partners all over the world.

We organize public coaching sessions for all business professionals who want to maximize the effectiveness of their business development efforts and expand its activity in the international perspective. Executives, sales people, customer service people, marketing managers and other representatives of client oriented fields have a chance to improve their skills in international communication, negotiation and marketing for countries of different culture.

Conferences, intimate meetings, public events and lectures at universities and policy organizations - our experts on business diplomacy, political development and intercultural communication will give you an actual insight of current situation and trends in business and politics of the European, Russian and Middle East markets.