Public Coaching

Exclusive public coaching and seminars from experts in international marketing communication and media for business professionals

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General Overview

Our public course addresses practical implementation of concepts of effective Intercultural Communication, International Marketing & Brand Management, successful PR work for different channels and target groups. Whether you are planning an international marketing campaign, working on a business development strategy to enter new markets or want to enhance your negotiation skills to improve your operational level, we will introduce you to the practice-oriented communication methods to maximize the efficiency of your efforts by effectively engaging with your potential customers and partners in your business area.

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Learning Outcome

- Knowing various options and analysis procedures for selecting a suitable marketing strategy

- Having the best possible combination of classic and most recent marketing tools to achieve the strategy across all channels

- Understanding the most important parts of strategic and operative Brand Management, its value and practical application of its instruments

- Knowing the ground principles of successful intercultural communication in the European, Russian and Middle East markets.

- Knowing how to create the best press-releases and advertorials, conducting press-conferences and designing press-kits targeted on different cultures and social groups

and much more...

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Who should attend?

- Business development executives

- Management consultants

- Entrepreneurs

- R&D specialists

- PR practitioners

- Public sector executives

- Board members

- Marketing specialists & Brand managers

- Customer relationship specialists

- Creative executives

- Digital content managers

Learning more about Public Coaching

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