VebCom International is a global research and consulting company led by experienced Business Diplomats

As Business Diplomats, we advice our clients how to expand its business activities and successfully operate on international level. From the first step of company & market analysis, strategy formulation & brand positioning to the translation and proofreading of marketing materials, we always deliver best-class solutions to our clients.

By providing information and insight on how markets and industries in Europe, Russia and the Middle East move forward, we help clients anticipate and respond to instability and opportunities everywhere they do business. Our services include Market Research & Analysis, Regular Industry Reports and Market-Based Advisory

Due to our B2G (Business-To-Government) experience and expertise in national features of political establishment of the Middle East, Russia and European countries, we deliver actionable, real-time solutions tailored to client requirements through our country-specific political risk assessments, long-term forecasting and scenario analysis.