Business Consulting

VebCom International works with your company from the very beginning to help you with anything you need and provides research, analysis, and feedback to ensure your success

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Company Analysis

We perform a comprehensive fundamental analysis to determine the intrinsic value of your company's products & services as well as its performance and effectiveness of its organizational processes. The company analysis provides insight to rationalize processes and make revenue potentials better.

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Market Research

We analyze the attractiveness and the dynamics of a special market within a special industry our clients want to enter to help them identify, assess and forecast risks and opportunities and take a right decision. We also regularly publish business news and industry reports on the Russian, German, Italian and the Middle East markets in our Media Center.

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Positioning & Strategy

Once the target customer is defined and competitors identified, we advice you on how to to position your brand in the mind of your customers. We formulate a strategy not only to create a unique impression of your company and distinct your brand from the rest of the marketplace, but also to attract potential partners and customers.

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Attractive Packaging

As Business Diplomats, we know how to prepare and present a commercial offer taking into account different cultural aspects of the European, Russian and the Middle East markets. We will help you package your products & services to arise the interest of potential partners/customers and set a ground for further negotiation process.

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Marketing Strategies

Based on the company & market analysis we will develop a personalized marketing plan combining both online and traditional marketing to achieve your goals and implement your business strategy. We ensure we are always educated on the latest trends, new online tools, and best social media marketing techniques.

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Translation Services

Working in an international environment, we provide complete professional translation services with the focus on marketing in more than 50 languages with the best price guarantee. Our translation services include Document Translation, Software and Website Localization, Multilingual Desktop Publishing, Video Captioning and Subtitling