Global Markets

As Business Diplomats, we work with wide variety of national and international institutions and can provide our clients with systematic update about current industry trends and analysis

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Market Research & Analysis

We constantly monitor current market trends and develop perspectives on where the market is going in order to give our clients long-term support in implementing measures and strategic steps for company-wide growth projects. Being entrepreneurs and managers by ourselves, we know what kind of market data is critical to make strategic decision.

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Industry Reports

We continuously research and update the business information our clients need to understand their markets and customers. We regularly provide them with in-depth industry analysis to tailor marketing and sales strategy and optimize media plans. Check out our industries here.

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Market-Based Advisory

We offer in-person presentations, tailored to client interests and based on market research & analysis to develop market-entry strategies, product strategies/product positioning, pricing strategies (e-commerce and offline), support in business planning and develop scenario analyses.