With in-depth understanding and experience in Media World, we build beneficial and effective relationship between the content producers, broadcast companies, cable television, telephony, and Internet communication industries and help media companies of all sizes to grow internationally, develop and market the media product and improve their client & partner communication workflow as well as communication with their target audience.

Successful international development consulting for construction companies, material suppliers, design agencies and architectural firms focused on sales improvement, networking, and collaboration on international projects with best possible conditions.

Decision-support solutions for companies in the Energy & Technology Industry, focused on fundamental market analysis and price projections that enable our clients to make more informed strategic decisions. Business strategies, management strategic decisions, global Energy Industry insights, international marketing campaigns - only top consulting services focused on growth of business efficiency and effectiveness.

Strategic consulting and international communication campaigns for tour operators & travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, and other service companies focused on international promotion of tourism products and services. International destination marketing for tourism boards and institutions. Right marketing mix and sales improvement.

Business consulting and market strategies for companies in the Retail & Wholesale industry of Russia, the Middle East, Germany & Italy. International brand management for companies entering a new market. Communication campaigns and targeting in the regions with different cultural background. Consulting on trade regulations and national export/import procedures.

VebCom offers an employment opportunity in the German Healthcare Industry to doctors and nurses from all over the world without large expenses and complicated procedures. Being experts in the German Healthcare system, we also offer consulting on treatment in German Clinics. Whether you need an exclusive treatment or an urgent operation, we will find a clinic and a doctor where high-quality diagnosis, preventive medicines, treatment and rehabilitation will be provided for your case.