Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

Business consulting, market strategies and international brand management for companies in the Retail & Wholesale industry of Russia, Germany, Italy and the Middle East


What we can do:

- Business strategy for retailers and traders to expand on international level

- Global and local communication campaigns in the retail industry. International Trade Shows and Exhibitions

- International networking and establishment of new business trade partnerships

- Support in international client & partner communication & deal making

- Coaching of personnel in "International Marketing", "Intercultural Communication", "Brand Management"

- International Retail & Wholesale Industry data, insights, analysis and trends from VebCom Analytics

What we have:

- Broad international business network in the Retail & Wholesale industry of Russia, the Middles East, Germany & Italy

- Market knowledge & experience in intercultural communication

- International experience of our local partners in the realization of international trade projects


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